DevOps Training Solutions

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The Best DevOps Technologies

Terraform, Github, Bitbucket, GitLab, Chef, Ansible, Packer, CircleCI, Jenkins, GitLabCI, AzurePipelines, AWS CodePipeline, Docker, Kubernetes: these are the integrated tools we teach your teams to use

All live classes are instructor-led, hands-on and intensively lab-based. Delivered virtually or in-person (when in-person is once-again allowed)

Beyond just the training class. We make sure your people are functional in the technologies they are learning.

Integrate Everything

Many DevOps training courses focus on individual products, but these standard courses fail to deliver competence to learners on how to integrate multiple DevOps products together. 

In a developers daily work, they will be called upon to use multiple products in an orchestrated pipeline.  Few training courses will make your professional developers functional in a true DevOps Pipeline. 

Our hands-on courses enable professional developers to utilize complete End-To-End Automated DevOps Pipelines, from storing code in git when it is written through to testing and deploying that code onto cloud-based or datacenter-located servers.  Developers will immediately be capable of implementing what they have learned in their class.

Our Vision

Our goal is to enable Software Developers, Operations Personnel and Project Managers to effectively and immediately use a true End-To-End Automated DevOps Pipeline to build, test and deploy code, reducing risk and minimizing time spent on development.

We guarantee it.

Post Class Support

We go far beyond just the training class to make sure your people are functional in the technologies we're teaching them.  Here is how we do this:

  • Live Email and Zoom Support: For Private classes booked directly with TechnoTrainer, we offer unlimited email and Zoom support for class participants for a period of 4-months after the class, for help on any labs covered in the class.  We're committed to helping our students truly understand what they learned in class so you succeed in your company's goals and objectives.
  • Reproducible lab environments: All of the lab environments used in the class can be reproduced by the participants after the class.  Either they are building the lab environments from scratch in the labs themselves (so they will have the instructions in the lab documents), or we'll provide the instructions they need to build the lab environments on their own (for anything that we've configured in advance of the class). 

    The result is that people who are dedicated to learning can repeat the labs as many times as needed on their own to reinforce their ability to use these technologies.  

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that each of your team members will learn the technologies we are teaching them or you don't pay for that team member

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