DevOps BootCamp

Course Description

The DevOps Bootcamp combines our DevOps Pipeline and Deploying Infrastructure at Scale courses into a single continuous class.  The duration is 10-days and is intended for the same audience from start to finish.

Participants will reinforce their skills with more than 40-hours of hands-on lab work throughout the 10-days, ensuring they truly know how to test and deploy applications on an enterprise scale.

  • We’ll start from the beginning with how to use git to version, backup, share and collaborate code of any kind.
  • Then we’ll progress into learning Configuration Management to configure machines to become any type of server (such as a database server or webserver).  
  • We’ll follow this by full integration for automated testing with CI/CD, to ensure that any code is automatically linted and tested before being deployed.
  • Once we have VM’s configured to serve up our applications, we’ll push the seven major development languages through a CI/CD pipeline: JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, C++, Ruby and TypeScript. You can choose this entire list of code languages, or just the subset that are used in your environment.
  • We’ll track issues with our code in a tool like Jira.
  • The artifacts we create through the process will be stored in an artifact storage platform like Nexus or JFrog Artifactory
  • We’ll use an Infrastructure as Code tool (like Terraform) to create secure networking components in AWS Cloud, Google Cloud Platform or Azure Cloud. Then we’ll use Infrastructure as Code to launch VM’s in the cloud and configure those VM’s to become Docker hosts using Configuration Management
  • We’ll deploy our code to these Docker containers
  • Finally, we’ll use Kubernetes or OpenShift to manage our application containers and scale up our application delivery to handle most any level of customer demand

Choose the exact toolchain you want below and generate a course outline, or choose the ‘generic’ options for a tool-agnostic outline:

Generic Coding Languages

Course Duration 

Standard Duration is 10-days. Customization to the course agenda may increase the number of days needed for the course.

Course Agenda